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The Firearms and Explosives Office has the function of ensuring public order and safety through the power and function to "issue licenses for the possession of firearms and explosives in accordance with law" bestowed upon the PNP by virtue of Section 24 (f) of Republic Act No. 6975. With the passage of Republic Act No. 10591, more stringent measures such as the License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) have been introduced and this further necessitates the transformation of FEO to effectively implement the new law.

Upon assumption of as the head of this Office, even before the President ordered the streamlining of applications and processes, quick win interventions and initiatives have already been laid out to address dysfunctional systems and corrupt practices. Extensive analysis and planning lead to the design of the FEO Strategic Direction to ensure long-term sustainability of transformation initiatives:


We can infer from the illustration that our end goal is the achievement of three major projects: Automation, Decentralization and One Stop Shop. With this in mind, FEO conducted an Inventory of problems and issues confronting the Office which we tried to address by launching major improvements and interventions such as the Zero Backlog project Data Cleansing, Accounting of Stored Firearms and Process Review and Improvement.

FEO has the commitment that LTOPF applications submitted before 11 AM will be processed and released on same date. For other licenses and permits, commitment slips are handed showing the exact date to which they can expect their release. A Document Inspection and Monitoring Team was created to monitor the weekly status of applications. Their reports become a management tool to recognize whether or not FEO can measure up to its commitment specifically in the number of days it takes for applications to be approved.

The FEO Strategic Direction proved to be helpful in addressing the stakeholders clamor for fast and efficient service without compromising its mandate of ensuring a safe environment through the regulation of firearms, ammunition, components of ammunition including explosives, explosives ingredients, controlled chemicals firecrackers and pyrotechnics... READ MORE


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